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Ningbo Klaus Union co.,ltd.

About Us

Ningbo Klaus Union, we take full advantage of our German counterpart’s more than 60 years experience in the design and manufacture of pumps for the chemical and petrochemical industries all over the world. This experience combined with a thorough knowledge of the local markets and our own companies and service facilities implanted near our customers enables Ningbo Klaus Union to offer valuable support to all the companies developing their own industrial reality in China and Asia. Ningbo Klaus Union staff is the perfect combination of Chinese industriousness and intelligence, German precision and engineering. This combination enables Ningbo Klaus Union to offer end users throughout China and Asia a versatile response to any specific pumping requirement.

Safety and environmental protection

Magnetic drive/magnetic coupling technology offers distinct long and short term advantages over conventional sealing systems on extreme and hazardous process applications. This technology does away with the need for shafts to pass from liquid to non-liquid environments which means that glands and face seals can be dispensed with. The liquid is hermetically sealed in a leakproof, static isolation shell.

Guaranteed quality

Advanced design engineering and latest-generation technologies can only provide optimal safety if the requisite quality assurance measures are taken during the manufacturing process. Therefore a quality assurance system that encompasses the entirety of the product lifecycle is an integral part of our company policy.

Product portfolio

Our product portfolio comprises pumps, valves, and mixers/agitators for virtually all industrial applications. In addition to steel and stainless steel, our products integrate numerous corrosion-proof alloys based on Ni-Cr-Fe, Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo, nickel and titanium. Our pumps, valves and mixers/agitators offer optimal safety and reliability, as well as a long service life, and reduce costs thanks to their maintenance friendliness for the following application scenarios: chemical and petrochemical industry; refrigeration and heat engineering; liquid gas plants; electroplating; power plants; and plant construction.

There for you - whenever and wherever you need us

Our customers know Klaus Union is a name they can trust worldwide, thanks to our unique drive system and a broad product range, all of which have earned us substantial market shares worldwide. Thanks to our far flung international clientele, we have affiliates, marketing agencies, and representatives worldwide. The quality of our products and continuous exchanges of information with our partners in the relevant industries have made us the world market leader for magnet drive pumps and mixers/agitators, as well as valves.